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A practical reference
for gardeners and farmers

Author Loubie Rusch has been exploring the forgotten and underutilised local indigenous foods of the Cape since 2010. She has foraged them and observed them in nature, has cooked and bottled them and has shared about them in workshops and talks.

Her conviction that we need to cultivate them to ensure sustainable access at scale lead her to plant the Cape Wild Foods Garden in Khayelitsha in 2016. 

This experience along with 20 years of working as a landscape designer combine to make her first publication, Cape Wild Foods: A Growers Guide, a practical and informative reference. It is aimed at both small farmers and home gardeners. It shares plant and cultivation information as well as images about a selection of 22 local indigenous food plants.

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A practical reference for cooks 

This sequel to the Growers Guide, in production, addresse the same 22 plants. It draws on Loubie's experience of cooking with them over the past decade.

By including both detailed recipes as well as informative tables, this guide willl be useful to home cooks, culinary students as well as experience d chefs seeking some guidance as theyembark on making use of the flavours of our local landscapes.


With the recent launching of the Local WILD Food Store, a range of cultivated ingredients are becoming readily available to home and professional cooks

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