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The Local WILD Food Store

a collaborative initiative with PEDI Agrihub & the Good Food Network
bringing cooks access to local indigenous ingredients

Over the past five centuries there has been a complete shift away from local indigenous foodways*. 

The Store is making it possible for us to embrace the rich variety of delicious and nutritious foods that originate from our local landscapes, and that are begining to be cultivated. Doing so means we as cooks are contributing to recalibrating several of the social, economic  and ecological imbalances that have become embedded in our current food system.


   *the social, cultural economic and ecological practices of the production and consumption of local indigenous foods

combining our contributions towards recalibration 

Customers of the Store are supporting the early adopter small scale growers to develop novel income streams in return for getting access to exciting flavours from our local environment. 

Growers supplying the Store are supported with wild food knowledge as well as access to the market. This helps to reduce their risk in innovating regenerative cultivation practices based on locally adapted less resource demanding foods that were previously only wild harvested.

The Store offers customers complete transparency about where produce is from as well as information to support their learning about less familiar ingredients.

The Store is an integrated short supply chain that offers equitable returns to its small suppliers. It also assure less waste by harvesting only in response orders.


The Store is evolving the indigenous food market by combining the inputs of us as collaborators, suppliers and customers. As we grow the market, the extent of improved soil health and regenerated natural and biodiverse landscapes will grow in parallel.

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